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The dental implant is a substitute for a missing single tooth or multiple teeth. It plays the role of an artificial root on which a crown or bridge can be placed, thus recovering one or more missing teeth in the mouth. The sooner after the tooth loss the tooth is restored by an implant, the more natural and easy the complete patient comfort will return, and thus we will not allow bone loss due to the natural atrophy process after loss of tooth.

Implants allow the restoration of the chewing ability of people who have lost much of their natural teeth. It is very convenient to place an implant in cases where there is only one missing tooth, as this allows the tooth row to be restored without grinding adjacent teeth for the placement of a bridge.

Another suitable case is one in which several rear teeth are lost. Implants can be placed in their place to serve as a support for the placement of a bridge to prevent the placement of removable dentures.

Implants are also placed in the event of total toothlessness. The options in this case are either to place implants with a non-removable bridge on them or to place special implants to which the entire dentures are locked and create greater comfort and stability.

The main factor in the decision to place an implant and its stability over time is the presence of sufficient bone. It should be sufficient in volume, height, and width to ensure that the implant is firmly attached to it, which is important for the predictability of the treatment. If there is not enough bone at the implant site, an artificial one can be added. Therefore, when implant placement is planned, a scanner is made which gives a three-dimensional image of the bone and is the most accurate way to determine how and for how long the treatment will take place.

If you want to undertake treatment with implants, you should know that good oral hygiene is essential for the long life of implants in the mouth. You should take care of and clean the implants as you care for your own teeth. Preventive examinations and tartar cleaning twice a year are very important. Smoking is a factor that can compromise implant treatment. It can lead to failure during implantation itself and after the implant is already integrated. So if you plan implant treatment, it is advisable to stop or at least reduce the cigarettes. Proper bite is an important factor for the stability of implants. It is advisable to visit the implantologist once a year to check the bite and remove any harmful factors if they occur.  


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