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The smile is a big part of our identity. It defines our self-esteem, the way we feel and the way others perceive us.

But beautiful, healthy and properly arranged teeth give their owners not only an aesthetic advantage. Patients with crooked teeth are much more difficult to maintain oral hygiene, accumulate more plaque and tartar, leading to inflammation of the gums and periodontitis. In addition, the inability to clean the plaque around the crooked teeth predisposes to the development of cavities. When not treated, even very small orthodontic problems can get worse and this can contribute to abrasion of the tooth surfaces, ineffective chewing, excessive stress on the soft tissues, and problems with the jaw joints.  

With the innovative technology of the DAMON system, it is easier than ever to improve your smile in a much shorter time, with greater comfort and better results and benefits that remain for life.


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