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Beautiful, healthy and properly arranged teeth give their owners not only an aesthetic advantage. When not treated, even many minor orthodontic problems can get worse and this can contribute to abrasion of dental surfaces, ineffective chewing, excessive stress on soft tissues, and jaw joint problems.

It is no coincidence that nature has sculptured the teeth with relief, and its function is to chew rather than crush the food, and for that purpose, the opposite teeth contact each other in a number of point-like contacts. When over time this natural relief is worn down, the contacts between the teeth are no longer dots but flats, and this leads to their overloading and incorrect movements of the two jaws. This, in turn, only deepens the abrasion. The human body responds to this overload with the melting of the bone around the affected teeth, withdrawal and recession of the gums. Therefore, in such cases, it is extremely important not only to arrange the teeth, but also to restore their natural relief.

The solution that our specialists offer is complex treatment. First, the anatomical relief of the teeth is restored through direct restorations, after which the orthodontic treatment is immediately carried out. This gives you not only a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and a proper bite, but also a better chewing of the food and hence better digestion. And that's health!


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