Why Should You Choose Dr. Dimitrovi Dental Studio?
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You get all the dental services you need in one place for quick and lasting results that are carefully personalized to your individual needs and characteristics.

We have a 5 star standard of service and proven experience in providing aesthetic and specialized dental services.

We maintain uncompromising hygiene for safe and secure treatment.

For us, the use of anesthetics is not a whim, but a standard of work ensuring the patient's comfort and the best results of the treatment.

Your treatment will not begin until we have fully presented to you your mouth and teeth condition at the moment, what are the possibilities for threating the problems, risks, predictions and the associated investment. We believe that you must be well informed so you can make an adequate decision for your own treatment.

Д-р Димитров
Ще се погрижим за вашата усмивка с настроение



We, the team of Dr. Dimitrovi Dental Studio, strive to make you feel cozy and comfortable while staying with us. If you want to explore the studio or to know more about us, do not hesitate to ask.

We offer tea, coffee and water if you come early or with an escort.

We provide individual tools for teeth cleaning before handling if you need them.

If longer treatment is provided, we will offer soft neck and waist pillows as well as a warm blanket if you fell cold.

In the course of the work you will be able to enjoy music of your choice.

It will be a pleasure for us if we can be useful to you even more.

Модерно оборудвана дентална клиника

Модерно оборудвана дентална клиника



We offer a complete solution to the problems in your mouth and an individual approach tailored to your needs.

Cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

High level of service and personal care.

We always strive to do our best.

We never stop to learn and improve.

We are using a unique method of aesthetic and functional restoration of your teeth, which will allow you to fully recover from the problems in your mouth within 5 working days. This helps you to save time (everyone knows that dental treatment can take months and years) and it's probably hard to believe, but for 5 days you can leave with a brand new smile. What do you need to do to check if this method is right for you?





Be interested in what kind of post-graduate training and courses has your dentist passed and is still attending, because many of the new treatment techniques and the aesthetic dentistry are not part of the training in dentistry at the university.

Dental photography is now part of the diagnosis, planning, and follow-up of treatment outcomes. Ask to see pictures of completed cases similar to yours to see if the treatment offered to you will meet your expectations.


A good professional decides on a case-by-case basis, after a complex analysis of the bite, the shape of the face, the smile line, the shape of the lips and the teeth. Before you start any procedure, you should discuss with your dentist all aspects of your treatment because communication and trust between doctor and patient are the key to successful long-term treatment. You should receive a treatment plan and a price plan in electronic and / or paper version.


In dentistry, innovations in equipment and materials are being developed at the same rate as methods and treatment techniques, so be sure to know what technology your dentist uses.


It is wrong to have the prices of the services as a guide in choosing a dentist. Know that the cheap dental treatment leads to the lowest level of quality of the used materials and techniques.


Модерно оборудвана дентална клиника


The first step to becoming our patient is making an appointment for a consultation session. This can be done by phone 0888890703, by e-mail; skype or Facebook. At your first visit, we will make a thorough review and take photos of your mouth, and you'll need to bring an up-to-date digital panoramic X-ray image. In some cases, additional biting tests and analysis are required for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Based on the collected information we will prepare your individual treatment and financial plan, which will be presented and discussed with you at your next visit.


Initial review, preparation of treatment plan and financial plan – 50 BGN

Consultation on implantology treatment – 50 BGN

Orthodontic consultation – 30 BGN

The cost of each dental treatment is a sum of the prices of the manipulations that are required in the specific case. That is why we prepare an individual treatment and financial plan for each patient.


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