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Dr. Dimitrov informed me in detail about what can be achieved, indicated options, also informed me about the value of the service, giving me time to weight my options and make a decision! The team is very careful, always polite and highly professional. And most importantly, I never have to wait, I'm always invited for manipulation at the exact time of my appointment! I have shared with my family and acquaintances about the good work and professionalism of the dental studio, I even have a close person who visited the clinic on my recommendation and for his great surprise he was very pleased with the service although he was a little reserved. It was an honor to me!

I heard about your clinic from my acquaintances who have wonderful impressions of your work. You fully met my expectations, even surpassed them. It will not be too much to say that you have overturned my idea for dental services. For my treatment, I was informed clearly and in detail, both beforehand and during the process. The attitude of your entire team has been and continues to be flawless. I suppose the remarks are useful for improving your work, but no matter how much I think, I can not think of anything that I am not happy with or left an unpleasant impression on me. To my relatives, friends, acquaintances I have recommended your clinic and will continue to do so. And there's no other way because they see the results of your work every time I smile. And this is happening much more often now. I wish your entire team health, happiness and success in personal and professional terms. Be always positive and keep bringing joy to your patients.

I heard about your clinic from my wife, whose family has been using your services for many years. You have repeatedly exceeded my expectations. I received modern and extremely professional treatment (I read about the method used by Dr. Dimitrov). I was told in advance what would be necessary to make the treatment successful. The whole team is kind and engaging, which is predisposing. I recommend you! Thank you!

I found out about your clinic from your web site and also Dr. Dukov recommended you. You fully met my expectations. Incredible team of professionals! I was informed in detail with the different options of the best treatment for the patient. I wish you could be in any city to touch more people with your "magic" - to donate health and wonderful smiles. I recommend you! Every visit to you is nice and refreshing positive. I felt fear and reluctance every time I had to visit a dentist, but now I am looking forward to my appointment with you. Thank you and lots of smiles!

I heard about the clinic from a team member because I had an urgent need for qualified help. Previously, I've also seen information on the internet. You met my expectations - a very clean, cozy clinic and a friendly team. Everyone understands their work and does it without quality compromises. I was informed about the treatment I needed, the steps, the time needed and the price. The team is wonderful. They all behaved professionally with patience and understanding. I recommend your clinic. Thank you for your care and good attitude!

A lot of years ago I visited you for the first time, and since then you are the only dentists that have my permission to look in my mouth. I trust only you and I kindly recommend you to my acquaintances! You always inform me in advance about the treatment and how much it will cost me, which is important to me! I have no comments! I am pleased! I wish you  success and more satisfied patients! Thank you!

I heard about your clinic from a friend who is satisfied with your services. You have definitely met all my expectations. I was informed very thoroughly about the treatment that is forthcoming. With you, the client feels special. There is no tension or uncertainty. I recommend you!

I heard about your clinic from close friends. They also used your services and were extremely satisfied. Not only did you meet my expectations, but you repeatedly exceeded them. I was very well informed about everything - starting with the treatment I need, the time it will take ... and the color of the veneers that will best suit me. I come to you with pleasure and without fear (I had always been worried when I had to go to a dentist :) And for your attitude to the patients, what can I say - as soon as someone enters the reception, he/she gets the impression that he/she is special and that feeling continues until he/she leaves. So much care and diligence for the smallest detail. I would not only recommend you, but I insist that they come to you. And when I say I'm asleep in the chair while Dr. Dimitrov takes out my nerve, the reaction is “this can’t be, you're kidding” :) I'm glad to thank you for taking care of the health and smiles of our whole family.


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