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Tooth abrasion (abrasio) is a physiological process in which solid tooth tissue is lost due to mechanical friction when chewing, and due to acidic impact by food and the stomach; also in case of gnashing and grinding of teeth, irregular bite. Besides aesthetics, the function of the teeth is disturbed. Worn down teeth become sensitive and react to acid, sweet foods, cold, especially when the softer layer of dentition has already been shown. And from that point on, tooth abrasion occurs 7 times faster.

When abrasion deepens, the height of the whole bite decreases, which can cause joint pain and change the way the face looks - the appearance and deepening of folds and wrinkles around the mouth, the lips look thinner and with "hanging" angles giving a sad expression.

When such a problem is identified, it is necessary to take dental imprints of the patient's jaws for diagnosis and to produce a wax model that visualizes how the teeth will look after their recovery. This model serves as a reference point for the dentist.

We recover the worn down teeth by sculpting them directly into the mouth with a composite of one of the world's leading brands, overlaying where there is a lack of dental tissue, completely imitating enamel, dentin and the shape of the teeth. This procedure is done with local anesthesia and all teeth recover within a few days. Without grinding and crowning, as biologically as possible and in the shortest possible time. In this way, we return not only the beautiful smile but also the function of the teeth as well as the restored balance in the whole mouth.


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